31.10. - 5.11. 2022

Creative Jazz Clinic Velenje

Creative Jazz Clinic Velenje

Application and Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee A (full participation) €300
Tuition Fee B (passive – just listening) €170
Tuition Fee C (by day) €80

WE DO NOT PROVIDE ACCOMODATION BUT WE CAN HELP YOU FIND IT. Some links are here: (Paka, Razgorsek, Mraz, MC Velenje…))

Applications are open now. We will only accept certain amount of active participants. First come first serve. Please pay €100 for your reservation as an active student for all lectures and masterclasses to the following bank account in Slovenia:

Bank name: Delavska hranilnica d.d. PE Velenje
Adress:Šaleška cesta 20c, 3320 Velenje, Slovenia
Bank Account/IBAN: SI566100000 15507349

KD Jazz Velenje (Cultural Society Jazz Velenje)
Cesta 2/27
3320 Velenje
Tax Number/Davčna številka: 95153217
ID Number/Matična številka: 4092694000

When you pay please add CJCV 2022  and of course YOUR NAME AND INSTRUMENT.
€100 is non-refundable unless you show us medical proof of being sick or in case of death in the family.
The rest of the Fee is to be payed in Velenje upon your arrival.

About Clinic

The creative Jazz Clinic in Velenje hosts and at the same time presents outstanding jazz musicians and pedagogues.

Clinic’s director gathered acclaimed instrumentalists and incredible music creators who play an important role in creating the contemporary jazz scene. Taking into account Velenje’s music school and the opportunity of quality jazz education, the music education sphere is accummulating new, quality music dimensions.


Soweto Kinch (UK) saxophone/beats-production class
Charles Altura (US) guitar
Jason Brown (US) drums
Ameen Saleem (US/I) bass
Michael Janisch (US/UK) e-bass/music bussines
Sanem Kalfa (TR/NL) vocals
Nina Strnad (SI)vocals
Alex Sipiagin (US) trumpet
John Escreet (US) piano/keyboards
Gasper Bertoncelj (SI) drum lab
Zlatko Kaučič (SI) drum lab
Miha Koren (SI) jam sessions
Jure Pukl (SI) saxophone/Art.Dir.

Jeff Tain Watts and friends

19. February, 2019
0:00 - 0:00
Max Klub Velenje

Melissa Aldana,
Peter Evans,
Jure Pukl,
Joel Ross,
Danny Grissett,
Joe Sanders

Emilia Martensson project plus guests

20. February, 2019
0:00 - 0:00
Orgelska Dvorana Glasbene šole Fran Korun Kozeljski

Danny Grissett,
Jani Moder,
Michael Janisch

Johnathan Kreisberg Trio plus guests

21. February, 2019
0:00 - 0:00
Max Klub Velenje

Johnathan Kreisberg
Joe Sanders,
Howard Curtis

Han Bennink Impro night s predstavitvijo fotografske knjige Cloud Arrangers Žige Koritnika

22. February, 2019
0:00 - 0:00
Galerija Velenje

Ben van Gelder,
Peter Evans,
Georg Vogel,
Jure Pukl

Zaključni koncert udelezencev KJKV 2019

23. February, 2019
0:00 - 0:00
Velika Dvorana Glasbene šole Fran Korun Koželjski

Zaključni koncert udelezencev KJKV 2019

After Party at Mozzajik Velenje

Questions and Answers

What does 'the clinic' mean in this context?

At the five-day music get-together, we are going to exchange knowledge, ideas, advice, we are going to encourage and motivate. The intention is, of course, not to ‘cure’ but rather advise, debate and search for solutions and answers. The tone of the mentor-student relationship will be friendly rather than authoritative.

Who can apply?

The clinic is meant for anyone with at least some experience in the field of improvisation and jazz and some knowledge on their instrument.

What are the lectures going to be like?

Since the clinic won’t be offering ‘one-on-one’ instrumental lectures, but rather the mentor will teach a group (of up to 10 people), it is possible to apply for those who don’t have enough knowledge and would only like to take part as passive spectators. The halls where the lectures will take place can acommodate a larger number of participants. Those who do apply as active participants will collaborate with the mentors on their instruments. There’ll be enough instruments in the halls for the teacher and the student/s to play together.

What are the mentors' lectures going to be about?

The mentors will choose their topics individually. These will vary from technique, improvisation and expressiveness to achieving particular styles and discovering new directives (from swing and tradition to free jazz and avant-garde). They are going to talk about different concepts in music, how music should be listened to, what to listen to if you’re interested in something in particular etc. The participants will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers from their mentors on whatever their interests may be.

What will the ensembles be like and how will the ensemble practice look like?

Each mentor will lead their own theme ensemble which means that the music performed will be the particular mentor’s choice.

Will there be a closing concert and what will it be like?

Yes, the closing concert of all active participants will take place in Velika dvorana Glasbene šole Fran Korun Koželjski at 18:00. Each mentor will prepare two compositions with each ensemble.

Will there be nightly jam sessions?

Of course. Each night at 20:30h an opening set (around 45 minutes) will be played. An unlimited open jam session will follow. Anyone wanting to perform will get their chance. The mentors will also participate. The sessions will take place in Max Klub Velenje where Gretsch drums, acustic piano, guitar amplifier, contrabass, electric bass and bass amplifier will be available.

Ostala vprasanja?

Z veseljem vam bomo odgovorili na kakrsnakoli vprasanja, posljite nam email na: jazzvelenje@gmail.com


Accommodation is to be found, reserved and payed by each participant privately. We don’t provide that but we can help you find a room. Here are some good and affordable hostels and hotels: